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What is UglyZoo?

UglyZoo is more than just a brand; it’s a vibrant community for fans who adore our unique cartoon characters. Born from the creative mind of Vlad, aka The Vlade, UglyZoo brings to life a series of adorable critters known as the Uglies. Our world is filled with characters like Pingo the Penguin, a Hippo, an Elephant, and a Cat, each designed with love, humor, and a dash of quirkiness. Our goal is to expand the UglyZoo universe with new characters and stories, inspired by the suggestions and love from our community.

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Why the Uglies Are Special?

UglyZoo is not just about characters; it’s about creating a fun, engaging community. It’s a place where fans can gather, share their love for the Uglies, and contribute to the future direction of our brand. We’re all about spreading joy, creativity, and a bit of laughter through our unique characters and their adventures. Join us to be part of a community that cherishes fun, creativity, and the slightly quirky side of life.

Accessible to Everyone

Embracing the ethos of inclusivity, we aim to make our Uglies and their stories accessible to all. Our products, stories, and merchandise are crafted to bring smiles and joy to everyone, reflecting our mission to spread happiness and foster a positive community spirit.

Ugly Zoo Elephant

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