U&glyZoo: The Comic

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What is UglyZoo?

UglyZoo is arguably the first comic strip created as an NFT project. It’s also a community-driven NFT cartoon project (comics, books, merch, etc.), starting with a collection of some adorable critters – the UglyZoo gang (…or the Uglies). There are several characters – we start with a Penguin, Hippo, Elephant, and a Cat, with some additional Zoo character suggestions from our community. Each UglyZoo NFT is hand-drawn, unique, cute, and quirky characteristics.

The 1st from the bunch will be Pingo the Penguin and will carry only 4,999 programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each collection will have a mesh of outfits, faces, and backgrounds – the possibilities are endless!

One unifying character – 1st gen Zoo Uglies will have a specific blue body color, never to be repeated.

What makes the Uglies so special?

Apart from the fact that you’ll not only get your hands on one the cutest Ugly NFTs in the world, you’ll also participate in a community in which you’ll be able to help us evolve and build the future of the UglyZoo.

We’ll also be giving back 20% of all ETH raised to the community – because we rely on you guys to be involved in the UglyZoo project. Immediately after a 100% of the sale, the UglyZoo community will donate a portion of the accumulated to Open Earth Foundation, the California-based nonprofit which studies how technology could be used to fight global warming.

This project success depends solely on you. We believe in the Uglies, but we’ll need your help and we truly hope our passion is contagious (but no vaccines for passion, thankyouverymuch) enough so you can join us.

Let’s build something amazing!

OK, how much?

One of our goals is to make the Uglies accessible to everyone, so we’ve priced them with a flat rate of 0.04 Ξ (around $150).

The idea behind the UglyZoo is not only to create an opportunity for a community driven project, but also to help spread crypto awareness and adoption, while utilizing the NFTs potential for longevity.

Ugly Zoo Elephant

Preview the Ugly Zoo: Pingo The Penguin